Unexplained information in Canvas Instructure's Financial Statements

If you compare the amounts Instructure reported for its 2016 bad debt expense and accounts written off in its 2016 financial statements to amounts that should be the same in its 2017 financial statements, you’ll find that they differ. The amounts reported in 2017 are over 50% less than the ones reported in 2016. We asked for clarification from Instructure’s Investor Relations Department. They provided the following explanation: In our analysis of the AR allowance during 2017 it came to our attention that there was an inappropriate accrual.

Use of Canvas by the Ivy League Schools

In my last post, I looked at the use of Canvas Instructure by the non-Ivy schools (Stanford and Univerity of Indiana) listed next to the Used by 7 Ivy League Schools label on Canvas Instructure’s Investor Presentation. According to its homepage, INSTRUCTURE makes software that makes people smarter. In this post, I search for evidence of the level of use of Canvas by the featured Ivy League schools and whether it is making anyone smarter at these schools.

Am I next-gen enough to use Canvas Instructure?

Are you like me, one of the 80% of faculty that are satisfied with SSU’s current LMS, Moodle? Surprised that we are rushing to adopt Canvas Instructure, the next-gen LMS, when you don’t even know what next-gen means in this context? A bit of background, in Nov 2017, I suspected that I might already be last-gen since I’d never heard of Canvas Instructure. I researched whether I could fit in with the next-geners.

Unanswered Questions about Canvas

Product Canvas if being described as a “next-generation” LMS. What are the attributes of a “next-generation” LMS? If SSU switches to Canvas, what criteria will be used to assess whether the choice was a success? According to the Status of LMS usage in the CSU, two campuses have switched from Moodle to Canvas. How did they assess whether the switch was successful? The SSU pilot of Canvas includes 16 classes with a total of 400 students for one semester (avg.

Why SSU should continue with Moodle

Moodle vs Canvas Why are we focusing any energy on evaluating an alternative to Moodle when 80% of the SSU faculty responding to a survey indicated that they are: "extremely or somewhat satisfied" with Moodle? Fall 2017 faculty survey results available here Features in Moodle 3.4. How does Canvas compare? Check out new features in Moodle 3.4 Video Course on Moodle 3.4: explore with guest access contact me if you want to access the course with teacher and/or student privileges How to autoscale Moodle LMS on Amazon Web Services r-exams is an powerful tool that I use to create quizzes for Moodle that are not compatible with Canvas.