How to migrate videos to Google Drive

I migrated my videos from Vimeo to Google drive. I created all the screencasts using Screenflow. The source files were in directories according to course. Steps 1. Use batch export in Screenflow to move your videos to your google drive folder 2.

The World Bank Data

The Word Bank Open Trade and Competitiveness Data indicators by topic Load the required packages library(pacman) p_load(data360r, widgetframe, plotly, tidyverse, tidyselect) Data is from Worldwide Governance Indicators: here dataset_id = 51 The WGI measure six broad dimensions of governance:

Carbon Emissions Data from the US Energy Information Administration

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has lots of data and information on carbon emissions. Load the R packages # install.packages('pacman') #uncomment if don't already have library(pacman) # package manager p_load(eia, hrbrthemes, tidyverse) key <- eia_get_key() eia package For background and examples using the eia package go here.

Use purrr::pmap to Combine Spreadsheets

library('pacman') p_load(tidyverse, readxl, purrr) # download xlsx files from moodle put in List file <- list.files(pattern = "*.xlsx") # columns (course, group) to add to each spreadsheet course <- c("fa-18-IntAcctA", "fa-18-IntAcctA", "fa-18-AdvAcct") group <- c("12PM", "2PM", "4PM") files_in <- function(file, course, group){ file %>% read_xlsx() %>% select(firstname = `First name`, lastname = `Last name`, username = `ID number`, email = `Email address`) %>% mutate(course1 = course, group1 = group) %>% select(firstname, lastname, username, course1, group1, email) } l <- list(file, course, group ) pmap_dfr(l, files_in) %>% write_csv("enroll-fa18.