Use of Canvas by the Ivy League Schools

In my last post, I looked at the use of Canvas Instructure by the non-Ivy schools (Stanford and Univerity of Indiana) listed next to the Used by 7 Ivy League Schools label on Canvas Instructure’s Investor Presentation.

According to its homepage,

INSTRUCTURE makes software that makes people smarter.

In this post, I search for evidence of the level of use of Canvas by the featured Ivy League schools and whether it is making anyone smarter at these schools.

Harvard: low coverage and low interest

Brown: low coverage and low interest

  • Teaching And Learning page
  • When I searched for “Brown and Canvas”. I did not find much about Canvas, but did find the awesome course: CS100: Data Fluency For All. Thank you Canvas for not being a better place than a website to host this course.
    • Canvas is used for the submission of pdf files for homework. Is that a next-gen use?

Dartmouth: low coverage and low interest

Are universities using Canvas for anything besides grading submissions and calendar management?

It seems like we are moving from Moodle, a feature filled Learning Management System to Canvas which seems to be used primarily as a Content Management System + Calendar App

SSU’s one semester evaluation of a switch from Moodle, a LMS, that 80% of faculty were satisfied with and have used for 10 years to Canvas seems rushed.