BUS 330A Syllabus Fall 2018

Intermediate accounting Subject to revision Contact information Prerequisites Course format Course materials Learning objectives Schedule Grading In-class participation 200 points Quizzes 400 points Exams 400 points Make-up 100 points Policies Intermediate accounting Subject to revision Contact information Instructor: Elizabeth Stanny, PhD Email: stanny@sonoma.edu Office: Wine Center 1016 Office phone: 707-664-4287 Office hours: Mondays 11 to 11:50 AM by appointment Prerequisites BUS 230A Proficiency in spreadsheet software Course format This is a hybrid course.


Financial Accounting Objective Financial statements Facebook Financial Accounting Objective Communicate information about financial condition and performance potential lenders can evaluate whether they should lend to a company potential investors can evaluate whether they should invest in a company Financial information includes financial about the reporting company’s Economic resources, claims against a company (Balance sheet) Effects of transactions and other events and conditions that change those resources and claims (Income, Comprehensive income, Stockholders’ equity and Cash flow Statements) Financial statements Balance sheet (Statement of financial condition) Picture of financial condition Assets (A) = Liabilities (L) + Equity (E) Assets resources that have probable future benefits Liabilities claims on resources Equity residual interest in the assets of an company after deducting liabilities