Use of Canvas by the Ivy League Schools

In my last post, I looked at the use of Canvas Instructure by the non-Ivy schools (Stanford and Univerity of Indiana) listed next to the Used by 7 Ivy League Schools label on Canvas Instructure’s Investor Presentation. According to its homepage, INSTRUCTURE makes software that makes people smarter. In this post, I search for evidence of the level of use of Canvas by the featured Ivy League schools and whether it is making anyone smarter at these schools.

Am I next-gen enough to use Canvas Instructure?

Are you like me, one of the 80% of faculty that are satisfied with SSU’s current LMS, Moodle? Surprised that we are rushing to adopt Canvas Instructure, the next-gen LMS, when you don’t even know what next-gen means in this context? A bit of background, in Nov 2017, I suspected that I might already be last-gen since I’d never heard of Canvas Instructure. I researched whether I could fit in with the next-geners.

Why SSU should continue with Moodle

Moodle vs Canvas Excerpts from Canvas Instructure’s presentation to Investors Canvas has 20 pages of risk factors in its annual report (Form 10-K filed with the SEC) a few excerpts Financial statements Moodle vs Canvas Why are we focusing any energy on evaluating an alternative to Moodle when 80% of the SSU faculty responding to a survey indicated that they are: “extremely or somewhat satisfied" with Moodle?